What kind of work will my kids be doing?

Most of the leaders either have JH aged kids, or have worked in youth ministry for years.

We do no expect to construct high-quality custom homes, if you get our drift...

We are targeting items such as yard cleanup, basic landscaping, simple painting, simple demolition, etc. The objective is not necessarily the size of the work, but simply getting the kids DOING something together, for someone else.  There is an expectation that every job can, and should, be done with excellence. Our service projects will primarily target the needs of seniors, the disabled, and the municipal properties. Each service project/area will be visited & evaluated prior to the start of YITC.

What do you do for lunch?

After the work is completed each day, the various work teams will be brought back to the church for a chance to cleanup and get some lunch. Lunch will be provided each day. While we love each of the kids, we cannot possibly seek to satisfy every matter of dietary preference or allergies. If your child has any specific concerns, please let us know at the time of registration and we will work with you to make satisfactory arrangements.

How will my children be transported to the work sites and afternoon activities?

LIFE Fellowship Frederick has a school bus that will serve as the primary transport for the participants. The bus is properly insured, well-maintained, and driven by individuals with proper licenses. We also utilize several passenger vans so that larger groups of kids can remain together and build relationships. For some of the smaller work projects, our group leaders might use their personal vehicles to transport a small group of kids.

How will the groups be determined?

We will attempt to make each group as equally balanced as we can between boys and girls, and generally within the same age range. The diversity of the work projects will require groups with a wide variety of abilities.

Who will supervise my children?

We intend for each group to have an Adult Leader and a Student Leader (generally Junior and Seniors in High School). Your child will never, under any circumstances, be left by themselves, or be required to interact with those they are serving without an adult leader present. The protection and safety of your children is our PRIMARY concern.

Will parents be allowed to observe / participate?

Absolutely! These children are YOUR children and we respect that. There are two primary "concerns" that come into play with parental participation that we would ask you to strongly consider in advance.  

The first is the concept of authority. We believe that parents are always the ultimate authority over their children. Our leaders have a plan, an agenda, and a timetable that is in the best interest of the group as a whole. A parent can - at times - lose sight of the group requirements and focus specifically on their child. This creates a conflict of authority, and this is something we seek to avoid. 

The second concern is that these years are transitional years for your children as they begin to develop their individual personalities and interests. They are becoming adults! One of our objectives with Youth in the Community is to provide a very safe and structured environment for your kids to make that transition to adulthood outside of the home. 

What will the expectation of conduct and dress be?

We will expect the young ladies to act like young ladies , and the young men to act like gentlemen. All participants will be required to dress appropriately for a day of dirty work - that means closed toe shoes, along with pants (no leggings/yoga pants) / shirts that cover all of the parts of your kid that should be covered. All shirts should have sleeves - no tank tops or cut-off shirts.

We will be happy to provide each jobsite with an ugly, oversized shirt capable of covering any wardrobe indiscretions your child might inadvertently experience.

We want your kid to come and have an absolute blast! We also realize that Junior / Senior High kids are at a very awkward phase of life. We will have high standards or conduct for all participants - so that all participants can be assured of a GREAT time. We seek to abide by the dress code mindfully put in place by our church's youth group, OTW (Outside The Wire). We will lovingly deal with any potential violation of conduct standards with your child first, then with the child and leadership, followed by a conference with the parents. Dismissal from the program is an option for repeated offenses.  We trust that this will NOT be an issue, but thought we would mention it, just in case.

What about the camping trip?

One of our objectives is to provide your child with a very diverse set of experiences in the most protected environment we can provide. One of the incentives for good work and participation will be the opportunity to go on an overnight camping trip with their friends, Thursday afternoon through Saturday mid-morning. The big question - no doubt - is why the leaders of this program should be trusted with your child overnight. That is a very good concern. There is nothing we can write in this space that can prove the integrity and responsibility of our people. However, this event will be supervised by numerous adults who serve in positions of trust within our church and community and have done so for many years. All leaders have been given, and passed, background checks.

Every conceivable effort will be made to have the boys in the boys' camp, the girls in the girls' camp, and leaders to make sure it stays that way.