"Innkeepers" - Online Reservations
All are invited to attend one of three performances of this Christmas-themed drama: Friday 12/10 (7 PM), Saturday 12/11 (6 PM), and Sunday 12/12 (6 PM).  Seating will be limited. To make sure we have enough seats for all who attend, we are asking people to reserve their seats in advance. Please utilize this simple form to tell us which performance you plan to attend and how many people will be in your party.

2:42 Dinner and Fellowship Groups / Beginning January 2022
These groups gather in the spirit of Acts 2:42 - with the believers gathering for the purpose of breaking bread, fellowship, and the Word of God. Groups will meet on Saturday evenings beginning in January. This is a great way to get to know more people within the church. Signups are available here

Adult Discipleship Series: Foundations of the Faith / Beginning January 2022
For all those looking to build a solid foundation for "why" we believe "what" we believe, this class is for you. Chad Rangel will be leading the first of several 6-week studies walking through the most important truths of the Christian faith. Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings beginning January 4th. Please sign up here if you wish to attend. 

2022 Church Activities Calendar
For all of you who like to plan in advance - and for those who need to schedule time to participate - this calendar is for you. 

Wednesday Evening Youth Activities
 - Outside the Wire (12 and 7th Grade - 12th Grade) / 6:30 PM @ Church
 - Street Meet (9 and 4th Grade - 6th Grade) / 6:30 PM @ 11117 Cherryvale Street in Firestone / 6:30 PM. Register
 - KidsClub (5 and K - 3rd Grade) / 6:15 @ Church. Register

Sunday Stats: (12/5/21)
336 / 190%