Baptism: Sunday, July 28th @ 10:00 AM

Would you like to be baptized as a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ? We are happy to baptize those who are at least 12 years of age and who have a personal testimony of faith. We will baptize folks as part of our "Church in the Park" service at Crist Park in Frederick on Sunday, July 28th. Please let us know your desire to be baptized by signing up for the mandatory class on Sunday, July 14th. 

Adult Bible Study Groups

Sunday Morning

  • How to Study Your Bible- 8:30 AM at the LIFE Annex: 205 5th St. Frederick. Please register here.

Tuesday Evening

  • Bible Read-Through: 7:00 PM in the Activity Room (Men and Women) - want to participate by Zoom? Notify Jesse and Erin Phipps here. 
  • Women's Book Club: 7:00 PM *Starts June 11th. Please use this link to sign up. Child care is available.

    Thornton's Home: 4842 Eagle Blvd. Frederick.

  • Men's Bible Study: 7:00 PM in the Coffee Shop

Wednesday Morning

  • Men's Bible Study: 6:30 AM in the Coffee Shop
  • Women's Bible Study: *Will resume in the fall.

Thursday Evening

  • 18 + Group: 6:00 PM every other week at the Martynow's

Wednesday Evening Children's Ministries: KidsClub and Street Meet **May 15th Last Day.

Youth Group on Wednesday @ 6:30 PM


2024 Church Activities Calendar

For all of you who like to plan in advance - and for those who need to schedule time to participate - this calendar is for you. 

Sunday Stats: (6/16/24)
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