Our Leadership

  • brady thornton


    Brady and his wife Heather met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and married in 1999. Together they have 4 children: twins Colm and McKenna (18), Quinn (15), and Kendall (11). In 2007 the Thornton's were sent from LIFE Fellowship Westminster to begin a work in the Tri-Towns region.

  • Lonnie espinoza

    worship leader

    Lonnie came to LIFE Fellowship Frederick in 2009 after having spent time serving the Lord as a missionary in Russia. He works tirelessly to create a unique and God-honoring worship service each Sunday morning using the wide array of musical talents within our congregation. Lonnie is much more than a worship leader, however, as he is often found organizing a variety of other church-wide activities that bless the entire body.

  • Doug & Stacey BAng


    Doug joined LIFE Frederick in 2007. Stacey began attending with Doug during their courtship and officially became a member after their marriage in 2016. They have 9 years of combined service in youth and children’s ministries. Stacey is extremely passionate about helping young men and women align themselves with the word of God so that He may be their true love. Doug is excited to pass on what he has learned in his pursuit of Christ to the younger generation. Together they enjoy serving wherever and whenever needed.

  • steve & robbyn morgan

    elder/marriage & family

    Steve and Robbyn have been a part of LIFE Fellowship for many years, faithfully serving the Lord in a variety of official and un-official capacities. Their particular passion is to help develop strong families as the core of our church and community. Steve is an Elder at LIFE Fellowship of Frederick.

  • tom nething


    Tom, his wife Kyla, and their twin daughters are faithful servants in a variety of roles. Tom serves as an Elder at LIFE Frederick, bringing many years of diverse ministry experience to the decision making processes of our church.

  • Anthony wright


    Anthony and his wife Linda embody the very definition of the term "deacon", joyfully tending to the operational details of our ministry. They have also been instrumental in discipling young believers as they seek to establish a firm foundation for their faith. Anthony and Linda have 3 children.