what we're for

So many churches can very easily tell you what they are AGAINST.

Very rarely can a church tell you what they are for!

This page is to help you understand who we are a little better by emphasizing what we promote:

  • - A God who lovingly and purposefully created all things.
  • - A God who knows you, loves you, and desires a relationship with you.
  • - A Savior, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his sin-less life in our place to redeem our sin-FULL lives
  • - A Bible that has the answers to any problem you will face if you just take the time to look for them.
  • - There is no sin so great that God's love is not greater.
  • - The power of God can transform the worst of sinners into His beloved children if we just give Him the chance.
  • - The power of God can set you free from your fears, phobias, and anxieties.
  • - A God who delights in taking things that are broken, despised, and shameful and restoring them to splendor.
  • - A God who delights in using simple things to confound the pride of the foolish.
  • - Watching the power of God transform the lives of drug abusers, physical abusers, cheats, liars, scholars, victims, young, old, gay, straight, drunks, and people who think they are too good for God.
  • - Strong families are the centerpieces of every successful society.
  • - That men, husbands, and fathers can and should rise to the challenge of establishing strong - yet humble - leadership
  • - That women, wives, and mothers can and should create an environment in their homes that fosters the success of everyone inside.
  • - That children can and should obey their parents and show proper respect for authority