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TOGETHER 2020 / Worshiping Together ... Though Apart

These unique times require unique measures to communicate with our church. Please check this page often for the latest  worship services, thoughts, announcements, and developments within the church. 

  • Do you NEED help, do you WANT to help? Here is a link to register your needs or willingness to serve throughout this time of separation. If you have any PRACTICAL NEED please contact Doug Bang @ 303-548-1615. 
  • Do you have a PRAYER NEED during this season? Please contact Lonnie Espinoza @ 303-808-1343.
  • Are you or your family being adversely affected in a SPIRITUAL way this season (marriage, parenting, old habits, depression, etc)? Please contact the Elders of our church. 
  • Join our daily prayer group via text by texting "PRAY" to 720-466-7744
  • Junior Junction Curriculum & Worship: For those wanting to offer additional material, or keep their child(ren) "on track" with The Gospel Project curriculum, please follow the appropriate link: Preschool / K-5th.  The songs for K-5th, can be found here  (scroll down until you see "Songs of the Month"). Be sure to checkout YouTube as well.
  • Middle School Discipleship/Curriculum: available via Brady's email and here.

**Recurring Events have been moved to their respective "ministry" page or Google calendar**

Sunday Stats (5/24/20):

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