Schedule of Weekly Activities


8:30 AM and 10:30 AM

Main worship services with biblical verse-by-verse format and worship set. Children's ministries available, for Nursery-5th grade, for each service. Students in 6th grade and higher are asked to participate in the main worship service along with their parents. 


6:30 am- Men's Bible Study

9:45 am- Women's Bible Study

6:15 pm- Kids Club- Program for kids in Kindergarten and 5 years old through 3rd grade

6:30 pm- Street Meet-Program from kids in 4th grade and 9 years old  through 6th grade

6:30 pm-OTW-Program for youth students in 7th grade and 13 years old through 12th grade


6:00 pm - 18+ Group- every other week at the Martynow's