**Due to current circumstances/restrictions our service availability is:

Church In the Park...ing Lot / Sundays / 10:00 am

Our regularly scheduled (not currently meeting) service times are:

Sunday Morning Worship Service / 8:30 and 10:30 AM

A Typical sunday

**NOT currently occurring, please see above

There are several things going on during a Sunday morning. Not only are there worship services (08:30 & 10:30 AM), but there's also multiple classes that meet during worship service. Each class is typically only offered during one service, with the thought that it allows for the opportunity of attending worship during the other service time. 

Adult Discipleship Class: 8:45 AM

  • This class currently meeting during 1st service back in the "office" located within the Children's Ministry area.

Youth Group: 10:30 AM

  • This class combines Junior High and Senior High students together. Youth group meets at church, and if necessary transitions to En Face dance studio, 7073 Colorado Boulevard (due to limited space, and/or adverse weather months). Youth Group is for those who are in 7th through 12th grade (must be at least 12 years old). For more information please click here.

"ABC" (Already Been to Church K-5th): 10:30 AM

  • This class is for kids who have already attended Junior Junction (Children's Ministry) classes during the 8:30 hour, and will continue to be at church during the 10:30 service. ABC reinforces the lesson previously taught, but also allows kids to have a new experience and different perspectives, as they're not simply repeating the earlier taught lesson. These participants will be escorted (if necessary) to and from En Face dance studio, 7073 Colorado Boulevard, by their ministry leaders, via bus (due to limited space, and/or adverse weather months). For more information please click here.

Worship services 8:30 & 10:30 AM

We all enjoy good music here at L.I.F.E. Frederick, and strive for excellence in our sacrifice of praise. However, we are at church to glorify according to HIS preferences, not to be entertained by a rock concert or light show. No earplugs needed to participate in our worship service! 

We sing and worship together with a blend of modern worship songs mixed with "updated" traditional hymns. We use a tasteful mix of keyboards, drums, and guitars on a typical Sunday morning.

At LIFE Fellowship of Frederick, we typically go through the Bible verse-by-verse. 

This way we cover everything God intended for His people without that ability to skirt more controversial issues unpopular in today's cultural and political climate.

Bring your Bible with you if you own one and follow along with us.

If you don't own one, we would be happy to give one to you as a gift from our church.

children during service(s)

For those of you who are bringing your children to church with you on Sunday, this part is for you.

Children 2 and Under: You always have the option of keeping your child with you. We simply ask that you be mindful of any distractions your child can present to the adults in our services. For this reason, we have a well-equipped and staffed nursery prepared to take good care of your child during the course of the services. One of our folks would be happy to take you to the nursery upon your arrival.

Children Pre-K - 5th Grade: We have fantastic teachers prepared to teach your kids the principles of God's Word on their level in a fun environment. We start by teaching the children how to worship Jesus. Upon arrival, sign your child in at the counter in our Activity Room. After check in, one of our volunteers will direct you and your child to the activity room for their age group. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to meet their teacher. After service, parents can re-claim and check-out their children in the Children's Ministry Area. Of course, your well-behaved children are always welcome to stay in "big people" church.

6th Grade and Higher: Our JH / SH students gather during 2nd service for generation specific fellowship and study. They are also more than welcome to participate with the adults in "big people" church.