"Shuffle" Clothing Exchange & Game Night / Friday, August 23rd / 6:00 PM

For the ladies of the church. Drop-off available after 2nd service 8/18-8/21 ONLY! Please have clothes washed and sorted nicely (not crumpled up in a plastic bag). Please only gently used items. Flyer with more info available at the Information Desk. Contact Sara Peterson for any questions or additional details.

Men's Bible Study Steak Dinner / Tuesday, August 27th / 7:00 PM

In celebration of our current study's conclusion, and for sake of food and fellowship! Cost is $5. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Women's Bible Studies (Resuming in September):

  • Women's PM Bible Study / Tuesdays / 7:00 PM
  • Women's AM Bible Study / Wednesdays / 9:30 AM (Childcare provided. Please let us know if you plan to use it so that we can have enough people available to love on your kiddos!)

Midweek Children's Ministries / Wednesdays PM / Resuming September (dates below)

Please click the corresponding link to register:

  • KidsClub (Kindergarten & 5 years old - 3rd grade) / 6:15 - 7:45 PM (Starts Sept 11th)
  • Street Meet (4th grade & 9 years old - 6th grade) / 6:30 - 8:00 PM (Starts Sept 11th)
  • O.T.W. Youth Group (7th grade & 12 years old - 12th grade) / (Starts Sept 4th)

New Connections Lunch / Sunday, September 15th / 12:30 PM

This lunch event is intended for everyone who has recently started attending our church. Several of our ministry leaders will be in attendance as we seek the opportunity to get to know you over food! During this time I will take a few moments to explain some details about our church and then provide you an opportunity to ask some questions based upon your observations. The whole family is welcome! If you would like to participate please sign up here.

Membership Class / Sunday, October 20th / 5 PM

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of LIFE Fellowship of Frederick is invited to our house.. Over the course of this evening we will discuss our foundational principles as a church, what makes us unique as a church, and what it means to be a member of LIFE Frederick. Dinner will be provided. If you intend to participate please signup here. Heather and I live at 4842 Eagle Boulevard in Frederick. This will be a "kid free zone" in the interest of productivity in a short time window. The lone exception would be infants. If you plan to bring your infant, or if you need help finding childcare, please contact me to discuss options. 

Men's Bible Studies:

  • Men's PM Bible Study / Tuesdays / 7 PM
  • Men's AM Bible Study / Wednesdays / 6:30 AM
  • Men's Accountability Group / 2nd & 4th Thursday evenings / 6:30-8:00 PM. Going through the book "Biblical Manhood" by Stuart Scott. Meets at 7241 Prairie Circle in Frederick.

2:42 Game Night / 3rd Saturday of each month / 4 PM

Transitions Group / 2nd & 4th Saturdays / 7 PM

This class is for high school seniors and young college, or working adults. The class is designed to teach participants "how to be disciples" and "how to be 'disciplers'." For more information please email here, or call/text 720-234-3385.

Helping Hand Food Pantry / 3rd Thursday of every month / 6 PM

Missions Meeting / 3rd Sunday of every month / 5 PM

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