Non-membership service roles

We value hearts to serve tremendously and are always looking to encourage people to get involved. Listed below are all the ways you can serve in our regular ministries before becoming a church member. 

    • Saturday Morning commitment
    • Go through church building and make sure building is presentable for Sunday Services
    • Contact: Bill Pettigrew- [email protected]
    • 1-hour commitment on a Sunday morning to love on the kids and give parents the opportunity to attend service child-free
    • Contact: Doug Bang-[email protected]
    • Tuesday night Bible Studies- 1.5  hour commitment to care for kids
    • Contact: Heather Thornton-[email protected]
    • Connect with Ron Gilbert for position requirements and training schedules. 
    • Contact: Ron Gilbert-[email protected]
    • Prepare meals for Wednesday night activities
    • Serve food to kids as they come in
    • Contact: Lonnie Espinoza-[email protected]
    • Serve families in need by providing a frozen meal

Membership service roles

As a member of our church you have committed to serving the Lord faithfully with us. Below are some of the recurring needs that we could use your help with. 

  • Kids Club:

    Street Meet:

    • Help the kids engage with large group discussions
    • Prepare discussion for the next week with your small group
    • Contact: Crystal Sutherland[email protected]
    • Sunday Morning- 1 hour commitment
    • Lead kids through the provided curriculum
    • Engage in worship time with the kids
    • Contact: Doug Bang-[email protected]
  • Welcome Desk: 
    • Greet New guests
    • Gather basic info (name, why they're here, etc) 
    • Be prepared to answer questions about programs, service times, etc. 
    • Contact: Lonnie Espinoza-[email protected]
    • Auditions should be scheduled with Lonnie Espinoza
    • Ability to attend Thursday practice (6:30 p.m.) 
    • Ability to attend Sunday Morning practice (7:15 a.m.)
    • Play for both services
    • Practice material ahead of time
    • Contact: Lonnie Espinoza-[email protected]